Our Vision

to create a society free from all kinds of child abuse.


Our Mission

Prevention, protection, recovery and rehabilitation of victims / survivors of abuse and their reintegration and participation into social structure.


Our Objectives

  • To create awareness regarding all forms of child abuse through awareness seminars, conferences, workshops, interactive/open forum discussions.
  • To launch an awareness / advocacy campaign against child abuse through mass media.
  • To involve parents, caretakers, healthcare providers, law enforcing authorities and other stakeholders in prevention of, and care of victims of child abuse.
  • To involve decision-makers in the community in prevention / rehabilitation of affected children.
  • To involve affected children in rehabilitation programmes.
  • To help rehabilitate victims of abuse and their families.
  • To provide medical and psychiatric treatment / counseling to the affected children.
  • To establish a special cell in the major hospitals for providing advocacy / counseling / rehabilitation of victims of child abuse.
  • To establish a model rehabilitation center.
  • To assist and provide legal support.
  • To conduct and promote fact-finding research on child abuse.
  • To launch and maintain an interactive website and publish a newsletter both in electronic and print media for public education and awareness regarding child abuse.
  • To interact with other organizations having a similar agenda in order to benefit from each others experience.


What Our Organization Is Doing

Konpal is working at present in four major areas

  1. Aware raising and advocacy campaign: Konpal organizes awareness raising seminars for HCP, teachers, parents, children and other stake holders. Awareness rising through Electronic, print and social media are also regularly organized.
  1. Training on capacity building in case detection and management of Child Abuse and Neglect: Training workshop is being for Health Care providers (HCP) school teachers, parents, children and school students.
    1. Skills training of mothers/care takers on health, child care & protection against child abuse & neglect.
    2. Training of children on self protection.
    3. Training doctors / health care providers on child rights & in case detection and management of child abuse and neglect.
    4. Training of school teachers on child rights and in early case detection and timely referral of child abuse and neglect.
  1. Service delivery: Konpal has formed Hospital Child Protection Committee (HCPC) in major teaching hospitals of Karachi where children subjected to child abuse and neglect is managed by a multidisciplinary team. Konpal is in the process of forming Child Protection Committee at Schools which will be linked with the HCPC.
  1. Research: A number of research papers and studies are being done by Konpal and presented at various seminars and published in reputable journals. Chairperson of Konpal are co author in various publications related to CAN.